We are five schools in Europe ( with the same aim to make students aware of a specific social issue. Through the funding of Erasmus Plus it has given us the opportunity to bring these 5 different cultures together, to use everyone’s unique experiences to reach maximum result. Every participant deal with different aspects of emotional well-being.  


Our general and main objective is to make students and teachers aware of technological, societal and economical changes in the world and the impact those changes have on their well-being, now and in their future.  


Young people of today face a lot of stress. The world is changing rapidly, thanks to a range of economic, societal and technological forces. Stability becomes more and more a meaningless word. What will the world look like in twenty or so years? We prepare our students for an uncertain future and for jobs that don’t yet exist. Education is a lot about knowledge and although knowledge is important, it is also quickly outdated. Students will have to learn skills. Skills that are needed, but not yet prominently present with students are strategic thinking, leadership skills, creative problem solving, communication skills. Leadership in this context involving both general leadership skills as well as personal leadership skills. These are so called executive functions. Research shows that meditation has a positive impact on the executive functions in the brain. By making students aware of the importance of these executive functions and having them experience the importance of developing them and provide them with tools how to do it, students can be better equipped for their future. Technological changes result in a digitized world. Young people spend an average of 5 hours per day behind a screen, mainly on social media. The amount of information we receive every single day is huge. Brain research shows that social media trigger the so called reptile brain. They trigger unconscious activities in the brain causing addiction and putting the brain in a constant mode of attack (attention), leaving no room for moments of rest and relaxation. An example are the blue checkmarks in WhatsApp. This could lead to sleeping disorders with all its consequences. (Social) isolation and addiction are lurking. The development of the so called executive functions in the brain are essential. Societal changes seem to scare people and leaders. Countries tend to choose for isolation, populist political leaders appeal to emotions instead of facts. Nudging has become common. Even by using and defending fake news. What the consequences can be of isolated countries instead of united ones has been made clear in history with two world wars in the 20th century. The fact that people are pushed to hating other cultures makes it even worse. It’s important to have people distinguish fake news from real news and to understand the importance of a united Europe. This project aims to reinforce European citizenship: through development of character skills, through being aware of the personal interests and backgrounds of people in the news , through realizing that problems can’t be solved by individual countries. We want to address different kinds of stress factors our students have to deal with and teach them skills that will help them cope.