Lycée de l’Europe

Lycée de l’Europe is located in Dunkirk, in the North of France. Next to Belgium and the channel sea.

 Dunkirk is an industrial town with an important harbor (the 3rd in France). There are 200 000 inhabitants in the urban community of Dunkirk. Since its opening in 1989, the high school count different kind of students. Indeed, it’s an establishment skillful where we can find general formations, science and technology programs. The final exam is called “Baccalauréat” (A level) than students prepare for “Grande école” for example “La Sorbonne” in Paris. But our high school prepare students for “BTS” to work in industries. All these particularities make this high school unique. And it opens its gates to international people and projects for example Erasmus + and interview with professional basketball player